Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

The air duct cleaning business is a rapidly growing segment of the much larger HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition) industry. Unfortunately, many companies providing air duct cleaning services are not licensed, not certified, and do not use equipment designed for air duct cleaning.

These scammers usually offer a very low price - leading many to fall victim of their dirty deals. They do not deliver quality cleaning services, or worse yet do not deliver any services at all.

The Advanced Air Care Difference

Be certain that Advanced Air Care is not one of these companies. We are a licensed company, and use only professional equipment. We employ trained technicians, and we guarantee our services. Our customers are treated with respect and courtesy. We do all of these things and more - at honest and affordable prices. That's the difference.

  1. Trained & Certified Technicians will clean your air ducts or dryer vent.

  2. Licensed Mechanical Contractors with the State of Michigan in Air Duct Cleaning.

  3. Our Equipment was created to clean HVAC ducts. Your air ducts are cleaned with the PowerVac Truck - you won't see us using any hand operated vacums, or vehicle mounted equipment.

  4. Industry Experience is important, and we have plenty of it. We've been cleaning air ducts, and dryer vents for over a decade.

  5. Trusted by Thousands of homes and businesses in Michigan for their air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning needs.

Contact us and discover what our customers already know - Choose Advanced Air Care for the best air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning in Michigan.

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